Day: April 21, 2017

Understanding the Law on semi-truck safety

Semi-truck safetyIn truck-involved accidents, the number of truck-riding casualties is usually less that the one for truck non-occupants. Overworked and distracted drivers of trucks as well as ignorant drivers of passenger vehicles commonly take the blame for the accidents. It is important to understand the visibility of a semi-truck and its ability to stop in order to enhance semi-truck safety.

Commercial Driver Safety

Driving a commercial semi-truck requires adequate comfort and training. The drivers work for long hours and they cover long distances. Subsequently, the drivers should remain updated on driving techniques of a semi truck. They should also set mileage and schedules expectations that are realistic. Lastly, they should observe the law on use of cell phones while driving, among other precautions.

Non-commercial Driver Safety

These drivers should understand that the truck carries more weight than a passenger vehicle. Subsequently, they should practice caution when braking and maneuvering the truck, and take note of visibility. Additionally, they should note the no-zones, and they should never drive between two semi trucks, or make an abrupt cut in front of a truck, among other safety precautions.


State and federal guidelines monitor the trucking industry. Truckers also get oversight from their employers who require them to keep logs in order to account for their time. When an accident happens, trucking companies deploy a legal representative at the site since they understand the legal implications of the incident. Sometimes a semi-truck accidents result in expensive legal costs.

Prove of Negligence

Sometimes a semi-truck driver can keep the mandated laws, but fail on other safety issues. Some of the negligent actions include lack of proper training, heavy loads, failure to update logs, and excess speed among others. The drivers can also cause an accident due to dangerous roads in addition to other hazards. However, these external factors do not exempt a truck driver from facing a legal action.


A commercial semi-truck weighs around 80,000 lbs., while a passenger vehicle weighs up to 3000 lbs. It calls for a driver to observe semi-truck safety when driving due to the complexity in maneuvering and braking the truck. Importantly, it takes a legal redress for one to pursue compensation effectively after a semi-truck accident. Do not go for any attorney once you face a truck accident. Instead, hire a lawyer who specifically handles such cases. This way, he will manage to represent you in the best way possible.