Accidents Involving Long Distance Hauls

Commercial trucksCommercial trucks cause devastating accidents in case of a collision with other automobiles. Individuals caught up in such mess always get serious injuries and even die in the process. While you may try to sue for compensation, the proceedings can turn complicated. An experienced attorney with sound knowledge in commercial vehicles law is highly needed in this type of claim. Because multiple parties are involved in long distance hauls, a reputable lawyer is crucial in navigating all the intricate guidelines and complexities in such claims.

Laws and regulations governing long distance hauls

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and other agencies place strict guidelines that govern all trucking companies and their drivers. All drivers must be highly trained and closely monitored. Federal laws require drivers to work a certain number of hours per week and get adequate rest or sleep each night. For a driver to handle trucks, certain number of hour under training must be attained. When an accident occurs, a lawyer can work to establish if certain rules were broken.

Determining Liability

Ascertaining who’s liable in a truck accident is hard because of the multiple parties involved. It is difficult to determine if it falls on the truck driver, trucking company employing the driver, owner of the truck or client who loaded the truck. The exact cause may need in-depth investigation of the truck’s condition before it was allowed to operate on the roads as well as the events that happened immediately before the accident occurred. An experienced attorney is important in analyzing each party and bring out the real culprit.

What to do if you are injured

Once you’re involved in an accident with a truck, do not talk to any insurance company or parties directly involved in the accident. Contact a truck accident attorney to evaluate the accident on your behalf. The police are crucial in the whole process of documenting the scene and gathering any evidence.

Negotiating for compensation

In an injury claim of truck accident magnitude, getting compensation is almost impossible but with an experienced and knowledgeable attorney, you are covered. No one will admit liability and thus an attorney can evaluate each party’s role in ensuring safety of the truck and goods on board. Identifying errors made is a step away from securing compensation from one or multiple parties. For these reason, always understand what to do after an accident and contact your attorney immediately.

The Complexity of Getting Compensation after an 18 Wheeler Accident

TRAILERBeing involved in an 18 wheeler accident can be scary. Unfortunately, the number of accidents involving 18 wheelers is staggering high, which puts you at a high risk of being involved whether as a driver or passenger in another vehicle. The high number of accident rates is attributed to fatigue and pressure to reach their destination on time, which prevents the driver from taking a rest as required. The pressure and tiredness from driving for a long period without taking a rest usually result in reduced level of concentration or over speeding and hence the increased likeliness of causing the accident.

Fortunately, if you have been involved in an 18 wheeler accident, you can file a claim against the person responsible for the accident. However, it is important to note that even when the police report that the 18 wheeler driver is responsible for the damages, the trucking company will be reluctant to pay for the damages. For you to get damages, you should prove in a court that the company is guilty or at least force the company to settle outside of the court. Even when the 18 wheeler driver is at fault, the driver is always under instruction to not accept liability simply because accepting responsibility will open other claims.

The trucking company will also try to minimize damages as much as possible and thus, you should not expect them to tell you the actual amount of damages you are entitled to get after an accident. While some trucking companies will totally deny responsibility, others will try to entice you into accepting less than what you are entitled in the hope that it will settle the entire case. In cases where the companies are more likely to lose money, they will write a check to repair damages and make sign an agreement that will prevent you from pursuing future claims even if death occurs due to the accident.

Whenever you are involved in an accident, you should never accept any form of compensation on the spot. Instead, you should gather as much information as possible about the accident and contact the best attorney to help you file a claim. You should realize that immediately after the accident the extent of the damages is not possible to calculate as complications can arise from the accident. Accepting compensation immediately after the accident is giving your right to file for damages away, which you should never do irrespective of the amount or situation.


Getting compensation from 18 wheelers after an accident is not easy as they will employ any technique to deny responsibility but with the best personal injury lawyer, you will be able to put up a good case and thus, get what you deserve.